REEEGAN transforms vintage and pre-owned clothing items that have acquired blemishes and artistically reworks them with a variety of eco-friendly techniques. The stains or discoloration would normally render these garments unwearable and they would be landfill-bound. Her craftsmanship predominantly focuses on hand painting and specialty dyeing methods that metamorphosize these otherwise discarded pieces into wearable art. By sourcing clothing that has already been worn for a lifetime, REEEGAN eliminates the need to produce a new physical product and extends the lifespan of an already existing article of clothing. 

Owner and Creative Director, Regan Dunleavy earned her BFA in Textile Design from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a special attention to traditional and modern surface manipulation techniques as well as the history of fashion. After working a brief time in the fashion design industry post-grad, she saw firsthand the disturbing volume of waste associated with clothing production, even at brands that were deemed “sustainable”.  Seeking to combine her skillset with her values of sustainability, REEEGAN was created. Dunleavy began using discarded clothing as a canvas to hold her designs. As an artist and maker, she has found the balance to feed her creativity while eliminating the physical textile waste caused by manufacturing.

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